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January 12, 2008

Nun punishing three schoolgirls with her strap-on

Filed under: Lezdom, Tyrannized, Uniforms, Nun, Gina Killmer, Strap-on Dildo, Double Dong — postmaster @ 12:03 pm

I’ve always loved dominant nuns :-) But unfortunately these scenes are very hard to find, but thanks to, we have some great pictures to look at!

I was about to describe the action in these scene, but I realized the descrition from the site itself is actually very accurate :-P

Jesus Christ Almighty High School has a problem, so disciplinarian Sister Gina Killmer, is here to make sure it gets taken care of. The violation in question involves senior babes Luccia Fiamma, Victoria Rose and Viki, who were caught smoking, drinking and making out in the school chapel. As part of their punishment, Sister Gina gets them to lineup, lift up their shirts, and show her their tits. Then she one by one twists their nipples to teach them that playing with each other’s big perky breasts is a sin, and this is the kind of torture they’re going to receive…IN HELL! She then proceeds to turn them around, lift up their short plaid skirts, makes them take down their matching panties and scratches their asses raw before dripping hot candle wax down them. And this is just the beginning.

Dominant Nun from Tyrannized Dominant Nun from Tyrannized

Dominant Nun from Tyrannized Dominant Nun from Tyrannized

Dominant Nun from Tyrannized Nun with a strap-on

Nun with a strap-on Nun with a strap-on

Ok, pictures are one thing, but a video sample would be even better, right? Ok, here it is; enjoy! (BTW, there’s are over 20 free downloadable clips on Tyrannized :-) )

Tyrannized video sample

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